Mine Ban Convention Intersessional Meetings, Geneva, 19. -20. June 2016

Mine Ban Convention Intersessional Meetings, Geneva, 19. -20. June 2016 Statement by Norway on Compliance

Last updated: 01.06.2016 // Statement by Malgorzata T. Hauge, First Secretary, on behalf of Norway on Compliance        

Thank you, Madam Chair

We thank the Committee on Cooperative Compliance for its report and preliminary observations.

We strongly believe that continuous dialogue and engagement with States where there have been allegations of use is of critical importance, and we welcome the way in which the Committee has conducted its work in this regard.

Norway strongly condemns the use of anti-personnel mines by any actor. We are deeply concerned by reports of use of anti-personnel mines, including within the territory of States party to the Convention.

We call on all actors that continue to use anti-personnel mines to cease using these weapons and to take the necessary measures to protect civilians from this hazard. We also call on the States Parties concerned to urgently follow up on allegations of use to clarify the situation; to conduct the necessary investigations; and, if necessary, take steps to ensure that the convention is fully respected.

We would also like to underline that ensuring compliance with other core obligations of the Convention is a serious concern, in particular the obligation to destroy stockpiles under Article 4. The destruction of stockpiled anti-personnel mines is a core obligation of the treaty and it is in addition the only way to ensure that these weapons are never used.

Finally, in accordance with the Convention and the procedures established by Meetings of States Parties, we would like to encourage Ukraine to submit its extension request under Article 5 as soon as possible. We understand that the situation is difficult, but trust that the Article 5 Committee and the Implementation Support Unit are at your disposal for any support that you may require.