Statement Compliance

Statement by Norway on Compliance (agenda item 9 d) delivered during the 17th Meeting of the States Parties to the Anti-Personnel Mine-Ban Convention, Geneva, 26-30 November 2018.

29 November 2018.

Thank you, Mr. Vice-President.

Norway strongly condemns the use of anti-personnel mines by any actor. We are deeply concerned by reports of use of anti-personnel mines, including within the territory of States Parties to the Convention.

We are particularly concerned about the current and seemingly increasing use of improvised mines in parts of the Middle East, which has contributed to a disturbing growth in the number of casualties in the past few years.

We call on all actors that continue to use anti-personnel mines to cease using these weapons and to take measures to protect civilians from the grave threat that they pose.

We would like to thank the Committee on Cooperative Compliance for its work, and for how the Committee has followed up on allegations of use of anti-personnel mines. We appreciate the update presented to this MSP, outlining the Committee’s constructive dialogue with relevant States Parties and how these states themselves have followed up. We further welcome that the Committee has actively consulted civil society in its work.

We thank the States Parties concerned that have engaged with the Committee in a transparent manner and welcome the steps taken by several of them to follow-up by investigating and verifying allegations of use. We are pleased that the investigation and follow-up by South Sudan has now been concluded and note that the Committee recommends not to pursue further examination.

As incoming Presidency and Chair of the Committee on Cooperative Compliance, Norway calls on all relevant States to continue to engage constructively with the Committee, and to urgently follow up on allegations of use by conducting the necessary investigations. We also call upon relevant states, if necessary, to identify those responsible and take steps to ensure that the Convention is fully respected.

Thank you.