SC: Syria political

Statement held by Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador Trine Heimerback at the UN Security Council meeting on Syria, 29. August 2022.

Thank you President, and thank you Special Envoy Pedersen for your briefing on the latest updates.


We remain concerned by the troubling security situation, in particular recent escalations in northern Syria.

The attack on 18 August in Hasakeh, and on 19 August in a market in Al Bab city, resulted in numerous civilians killed and injured, including children.

These attacks are unacceptable, and only add to the immense suffering of the civilian population.

We urge all parties to demonstrate restraint, and abide by their obligations to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Furthermore, we urge all parties involved to contribute to lowering tensions.


Once again, we are reminded of the urgency of a nation-wide ceasefire, and reinvigorated efforts to find a political solution.

It is therefore particularly disappointing that the ninth session of the Syrian Constitutional Committee has not been held.

Progress towards finding a sustainable end to the conflict must be a priority for all.

We urge all parties to cooperate constructively with the Special Envoy, and convene again as soon as possible.

Norway will continue supporting: the work of the Special Envoy, the implementation of Resolution 2254, and the Syrian-owned and Syrian-led political process.   

Finally, President,

Let me underline the importance of making progress on the issue of detainees and missing persons in Syria.

So many Syrians and their families are personally affected by this issue, and do not know what happened to their loved ones.

We are therefore troubled to hear that there has been little progress in implementing the amnesty since April.

We urge the Syrian authorities to share more information, and build confidence on progress towards implementation of the amnesty.

Movement on this file is essential for breaking through the current political stalemate.

Thank you.