SC: The Missing

Statement delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Andreas Løvold  in the Security Council Arria-formula meeting on The Missing.

Norway has a long-standing commitment to helping end armed conflicts through facilitation of dialogue, mediation and peace processes.

We have supported peaceful conflict resolution work  for decades, and our engagement remains strong.

Alleviating humanitarian crises and protecting civilians affected by armed conflict are key tenets of our foreign policy.

People going missing is one of the cruellest consequences of war.

We have seen the devastating impact that enforced disappearances and missing persons have on communities.

Left unaddressed, for families and loved ones, it can impact generations, and stifle efforts to build sustainable peace and reconciliation.

For this reason, Norway chose to be among the founding members of the Global Alliance for the Missing – the co-host of this Arria-meeting.

During our recent tenure as an elected member of the UN Security Council we brought, in many Council meetings, attention to the links between the issue of missing persons and peace processes.

Going forward, we have a shared responsibility to strengthen the implementation of Security Council resolution 2474. 

We will support these efforts through effective humanitarian diplomacy and early response, and by sharing good practice and lessons learned.

Norway hopes that the new Guidance for mitigators, as just mentioned by the ICRC, can serve as a useful tool for addressing the fate of the missing early, meaningfully and as a stepping stone to peace – in line with the objectives of resolution 2474.

We look forward, to host the launch of this Guidance tomorrow.

It is key that the UN membership supports the mandate of the Central Tracing Agency, especially with regard to advising and supporting states and other actors, in preventing and responding to cases of missing persons.

Finally, we must continue working together to raise awareness about the question of missing persons globally.

And in doing so, let us showcase how the humanitarian and human rights dimensions of this question are linked with peacebuilding, conflict prevention and the development agenda.

Thank you.