SC - Yemen

Statement held by Ambassador Odd-Inge Kvalheim in the UN Security Council meeting on Yemen, 15 August 2022.

Thank you President,

And thank you Special Envoy Grundberg and Director Mudawi for your informative briefings.


Let me begin by welcoming the latest two-month extension of the truce agreement, and the tireless efforts of the Special Envoy.

We appreciate that the parties have agreed to intensify negotiations for an expanded agreement.

It is now important to also intensify discussions on the opening of roads in Taiz, and other pressing issues that the Yemeni people have demanded progress on.

Since April, the truce has brought meaningful humanitarian gains and much needed relief.

We have seen: a reduction of civilian casualties, decreased displacement, more fuel ships into Hodeida port, and the opening of Sana’a airport.

However, more must still be done to end the suffering of the people of Yemen.


We condemn the recent attack in Taiz, and are concerned by reports of clashes in Shabwa.

In both places’ civilians, including children, were affected.

We call on both sides to: de-escalate; respect the truce; cooperate more intensively with the Special Envoy; and commit to regular negotiation, coordination, and confidence building measures.

We call also for the continued inclusion of women in all UN processes.

Including in: the prisoner exchange committee, the military and security committee, and the Taiz committee.

More women in all aspects of Yemeni politics are needed. So we were disappointed that no women were appointed among the new ministers in Yemen.


As a new school year begins this August, special attention must be given to the protection of Yemen’s future: its children.

We call on parties to comply with the obligations they have made to end and prevent the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict.


We welcome the recent sixth meeting of the ‘Supervisory Committee on the Implementation of the Detainees’ Exchange Agreement’ in Jordan.

And we urge parties to finalise their lists of detainees, with a focus on prioritising the unconditional release of all sick, wounded, and child detainees- as well as arbitrarily detained persons, political detainees, and journalists.

Furthermore, we are deeply saddened to hear that recent flash floods have killed dozens, damaged public infrastructure, and affected internally displaced people disproportionately.

The floodwaters have also reportedly drawn landmines to new areas.

Urgent and expanded de-mining efforts are needed to protect civilians and enable freedom of movement.

Finally President,

I would like to mention again the need of more donor funding to prevent the ecological, environmental, and humanitarian disaster which could be caused by the Safer oil tanker.

We all have a responsibility to support the UN plan for Safer.

Thank you.