SC - Ukraine

Statement held by Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador Trine Heimerback on the UN Security Council Meeting on the war in Ukraine, 24. August 2022.

Thank you, President,

Russia’s war in Ukraine is affecting us all. It is an attack on democratic values, and on freedom. It is causing a global food crisis and is a blatant violation of international law, and the very principles of the UN Charter.

To President Zelensky, thank you for your strong testimony this morning. And for the heroic fight you and the Ukrainian people are engaged in - for your country and for the peace and freedom of us all.

Today we mark the Ukrainian declaration of independence in 1991. And here we are, 31 years later, because the Soviet successor state, Russia, has invaded Ukraine. It is truly tragic.

We reiterate our unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders.

USG Di Carlo thank you for your thorough and thoughful briefing. 

Secretary General, thank you for your briefing, including on your important, recent visit to Ukraine. Norway applauds your crucial role in the Black Sea Grain Initiative. And your further tireless efforts to alleviate the consequences of this horrible war, and to restore peace.


Norway condemns the Russian military aggression in the strongest terms possible.

Russia’s warfare in urban and populated areas, and the use of heavy explosive weapons, is destroying homes, schools, and hospitals.

And, the ongoing attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, including nuclear power plants, is having a devastating and unacceptable impact. Thousands of civilians have already been killed, millions have fled their homes, others are trapped in war zones.

We stand with the people all over Ukraine, who continue to live in daily fear of the next attack.

We reiterate our demand that civilians must be protected, and international humanitarian law and international human rights law fully respected and implemented. Humanitarian actors must be ensured access.

Russia must stop the war and fully, immediately and unconditionally withdraw its forces and military equipment from Ukraine, Russia started the war in Ukraine. It can choose to stop it.

It seems clear that war crimes are being committed. These cannot be forgotten. Perpetrators - at all levels - must be held accountable.


The Secretary General has talked about a beacon of hope with the resumption of Ukrainian grain exports. We are encouraged that a critical transportation line from a global bread-basket might be restored. It is much needed, for Ukrainians as well as the world's most vulnerable people and countries.

And it is critical that the World Food Programme and other humanitarian actors, again can purchase grain from Ukraine for humanitarian food assistance. It is now vital that the Black Sea Grain Initiative is fully implemented.


The accumulated effects of the war are felt by more people every day.

In May, this Council expressed its unified support for the efforts of the Secretary-General in the search for a peaceful solution.

We must continue to support the Secretary-General in his efforts for dialogue and mediation between the parties in the search for peace and freedom for the people of Ukraine.

We stress the joint responsibility of the members of this Council to make every effort to ensure peace.

Again, to the Ukrainian people, our thoughts are with you on your National Day, and every other day. We reiterate our solidarity with you.

Thank you.