SC - ICC on Sudan

Statement held by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Trine Heimerback at the UN Security Council during the briefing by the International Criminal Court on Sudan, 23. August 2022.

Thank you, President,

Norway would like to thank the Prosecutor for his briefing, during his visit to Sudan and Darfur.


Norway welcomes the commencement of the trial of Ali Kushayb, a landmark in terms of accountability and a sign of hope for the victims.

Norway also welcomes the renewed strategic approach that we hope will allow to further the progresses made and address the impediments related to the lack of cooperation by the Sudanese authorities.

We welcome the increased cooperation from other States and institutions, helping the Prosecutor to further the investigations. We also strongly support a planned enhanced field presence and call on the authorities to facilitate this.

As Mr. Khan noted, the referral by the Security Council cannot be a never-ending story. 2021 was a year of major strides by the Court thanks to the genuine cooperation of the government, almost two decades since the Security Council first referred the situation in Darfur.

This Council has given the ICC a central role by referring the situation to the Court and mandating full cooperation by the Government of Sudan. We must do everything we can to follow up and ensure that justice is served.

Norway has been informed that the prosecutor’s office in Khartoum has not been given access to the witnesses, documents and information they have asked for. This lack of cooperation from the Sudanese authorities has hampered the progress of the investigations.

We again urge the Sudanese authorities to hold the promises made and fulfil its obligations to actively and meaningfully cooperate with the Court.

The victims of atrocities in Darfur deserve justice, and the perpetrators must be held accountable now.

Norway is seriously concerned by the reports of inter-communal violence in the Darfur region. The situation is a threat to the safety of civilians, and has a negative operational impact on the ability of the Court to do its

investigative work. Norway strongly condemns all attacks directed against civilians and urge all parties to respect international humanitarian law. The violence must stop.

The fight against impunity is a central element of Norway’s foreign policy as well as a fundamental part of Sudan’s 2019 revolution and the Juba Peace Agreement. Norway has been a staunch supporter of the ICC since the beginning. The Office of the Prosecutor and the Court can count on Norway’s continued full support.