SC: Yemen

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the Security Council meeting on Yemen, 22 November 2022.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Special Envoy Hans Grundberg, and commend your continued efforts to secure peace and stability in Yemen.

And I would also like to thank Reena Ghelani for your valuable updates on the humanitarian situation.


As we have heard, the situation in Yemen is dire.

We are concerned by the increase in civilian casualties over the last month, including the loss of 11 children.

Parties to the conflict must do their utmost to protect civilians.

All perpetrators of violations of humanitarian law and human rights violations and abuses, must be held accountable for their actions.


We condemn the recent attacks on the Al- Dubba port, and the oil tanker in the Quena port by the Houthis. These attacks represent a serious threat to the peace process, and stability in Yemen.

As we stated last month, it is urgent to come to an agreement to extend, and expand the truce, to make room for a political process.

We commend all efforts that can lead to progress in the UN led process.

These efforts must also ensure the inclusion of women at all stages.

We support the Special Envoy’s consultations with Yemeni women from diverse backgrounds and regions.


The importance of supporting the most vulnerable in Yemen's conflict, the children, cannot be overstated.

40% of Yemen's population is under 14.

And at least 8 million children are in need of assistance- with 1 million in acute need of child protection assistance.

We call on all parties to fully and swiftly implement action plans to end and prevent  abuses against children.


Moreover, the recommendations of the Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict must be swiftly implemented.


While we note positively the governments’ ongoing efforts to remove unnecessary bureaucratic impediments for humanitarian workers- these efforts must continue to ease access for life saving humanitarian work.

Landmines also have a heavy impact on civilians, and on children in particular.

We heard Reena underscore the need for support to work on de-mining, and we urge the parties to fully cooperate with these efforts.

Donors must also scale up their support for mine clearance, and Mine Risk Education.


In closing, please be assured that Norway remains committed to supporting the people of Yemen.