SC: Ukraine

Statement by Political Coordinator Meena Syed in the Security Council meeting on Ukraine, 29 July 2022.

Let me also on behalf of the Norwegian delegation join others in thanking Ambassador Geraldine Nason for excellent companionship both in the running and in the security council over the past years.

And thank you to DiCarlo for her updates on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In particular, its impact on the lives of the Ukrainian people.

The UN charter prohibits aggression and acquisition of territory by force

As this war on Ukraine continues, it inflicts a terrible, cumulative, harm on the civilian population- undermining prospects for peace and security.

More than five months of Russian invasion and violence has created wounds that will take generations to heal.

Russian attacks against civilians, and civilian infrastructure, have continued and intensified in many areas across Ukraine.

Recent attacks in Chasiv Yar, Kharkiv, Kramatorsk and Vinnytsia, have left scores of civilians injured or killed.

And people all over Ukraine, including in Kyiv, continue to live in daily fear of the next attack.

We reiterate our demand that civilians must be protected, and international humanitarian law and international human rights law fully respected and implemented.

The Russian aggressors’ disregard for human life continues to shock the international community. We are deeply concerned by reports that Russian forces have tortured prisoners of war, and unlawfully detained, tortured, and forcibly disappeared civilians in occupied areas.

There are ample indications of war crimes being committed. These crimes cannot be forgotten. Perpetrators- at all levels- must be held accountable.

We have seen some hope amongst the bleak outlook.

Norway commends the Secretary-General for his contribution to the essential initiative on the safe transportation of grain and foodstuffs from Ukrainian ports.

Along with the Republic of Türkiye for facilitating the negotiations, and subsequent signing ceremony on 22 July.

This initiative will be essential to ease global food insecurity, and build trust between the parties-  but it must be implemented.

The entire world was shocked by the Russian missile attack against the Ukrainian port of Odesa the very next day after signing the initiative. Norway stands together with Ukraine, and echoes the clear condemnation by the Secretary-General of Russia’s attacks against Odesa.

The war in Ukraine is a human crisis purposefully created by Russian leaders. They bear the responsibility to end this war.

They must end this suffering – both for the Ukrainian people and for all people around the world impacted by the consequences of Russia’s actions.

We demand an immediate cessation of hostilities by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, and the full and immediate withdrawal of the Russian forces and military equipment from Ukraine’s internationally recognised borders and territorial waters.

And we support all sincere efforts towards political dialogue, negotiations, and mediation.

In May, this Council expressed a unified support for the efforts of the Secretary-General in the search for a peaceful solution.

These efforts are more important than ever, as the accumulated effects of the war are felt by the people of Ukraine and beyond.

We therefore encourage the Secretary-General to continue his efforts to support dialogue between the parties in the search for a peaceful solution, and peace for the people of Ukraine.