SC: Syria (political)

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the Security Council meeting on the political situation in Syria, 24 March 2022.

11 years is 11 years too long for the Syrian people to have experienced upended lives, and delayed futures.

We urge all parties - both Syrian and external - to do all they can to reach a lasting political solution to end the war. Resolution 2254 must be implemented fully. Norway will continue supporting the Syrian-owned and Syrian-led political process. And we are encouraged that the Constitutional Committee is meeting for their seventh round of negotiations this week.

We call on all participants to contribute constructively, in good faith, and with flexibility towards concrete outcomes, and progress on a reformed constitution, as an important part of the political process. 

We welcome also the UN Special Envoy's consultations with the Women’s Advisory Board, and Civil Society Support Room and would like to emphasise their important roles. We reiterate our support to the Special Envoy’s step-for-step approach, as a way of engaging all sides in identifying, and carrying out, reciprocal steps towards a political solution.


Let me also highlight the issue of persons who are missing or unlawfully deprived of their liberty. In Syria, they are intrinsically linked, and arbitrary detention is widespread. So many Syrians are personally affected by the countless numbers of missing and detained persons - not knowing what happened to their family members. Progress on this issue is critical.

We call on all parties to allow humanitarian actors, such as the ICRC, to visit detention centres, and carry out their important work, providing information to the families of victims.  

Before concluding President, Let me reiterate Norway’s commitment to the fight against ISIL. As we have seen the last few months, the group is still active, and represents a real threat. The continued lack of a political solution allows them to operate. We must not let ISIL take advantage of the situation, to further strengthen its positions.

Thank you.