SC: Syria - Humanitarian

Presentation of the penholder draft as delivered by Permanent Representative of Norway Ambassador Mona Juul on behalf of the penholders Ireland and Norway, 8 July 2022.

The statement was delivered by Ambassador Mona Juul, ahead of the voting over a UNSCR resolution drafted by Norway and Ireland.

As penholders, Ireland and Norway have engaged carefully and consistently with all Council members throughout this negotiation. The result of our efforts is the amended draft resolution which you now have before you. Throughout, we have been guided solely by the humanitarian needs of the Syrian people.

We started with 12 months in our first draft in blue. A vast majority of the Council members support such a 12-month extension. Our amended text, which we are voting on now, has a 6+6 month extension. This is our effort to reach a compromise.

This resolution would renew the border crossing at Bab al Hawa. The resolution ensures that humanitarian assistance reaches all those in need, facilitates further early recovery and encourages regular follow-up meetings on the implementation.

We believe this resolution is a fair compromise. It represents a balance between the different positions of Council members around this table. We are grateful to all Council Members for their constructive engagement to this end.

We now commend this draft resolution to this Council and we ask all Members to support it.