SC: Sudan

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the UN Security Council meeting on Sudan (UNITAMS), 28 March 2021.

Thank you President, and thank you to SRSG Volker Perthes for your insightful briefing, and for you, and your team’s, tireless efforts.

The current constitutional and political crisis has serious consequences for the people of Sudan. It is causing a rapid negative impact on the humanitarian, human rights, security, and economic situation, as we just heard from the SRSG.

There is an urgent need for the Sudanese authorities to recommit to the country’s democratic transition.

And we strongly condemn all breaches of human rights. The continued use of lethal force against peaceful protestors is unacceptable. Such violence must stop to allow for credible political dialogue to take place.


Norway appreciates the role of UNITAMS in concluding the first phase of the political consultation. Now, as the process moves to the next phase, we particularly welcome the close cooperation between the UN, AU and IGAD. And we encourage strong Sudanese ownership and leadership- urging all Sudanese stakeholders to engage constructively.

It is key to build on lessons learned from 2019. The process must be inclusive, and representative of historically marginalized groups - including youth, and ensuring the full, equal, and meaningful participation of women. 


Regrettably progress on the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement - one of the achievements of the transition period - is slowing down.

Renewed progress will require the JPA signatories to engage constructively, and abstain from illegal actions. We expect Sudanese authorities, JPA signatories, and non-signatories, to take urgent and concrete actions to de-escalate, and reduce the risk of further conflict. Preventing further armed conflict, violence, and the proliferation of armed actors in Darfur is of key importance - not only to Darfur and Sudan, but the whole region.


In addition to Darfur, the situation in South Kordofan has deteriorated rapidly in the last months: Increasing military mobilisation; political exploitation of intercommunal clashes; new displacements; increased food insecurity; and grave violations against women and children are of great concern.

We urge the authorities to resume engagement with the United Nations on the development of a national prevention plan on all grave violations against children - ensuring the timely implementation of the joint Roadmap signed in 2021.

National authorities bear the primary responsibility for protection of civilians - including children - and prevention of conflict across the country. Accordingly, the National Plan for Civilian Protection should also be updated and swiftly implemented.

UNITAMS too has an important supporting role in preventing conflict and protecting civilians, in line with their mandate.


Sudan is in a dire situation. But the people of the Sudan have not given up. They demand a return to constitutional order, and continuation of the civilian led democratic transition. Only an inclusive political settlement will enable Norway – in close collaboration with other partners – to engage as we did before the coup.

This is the surest path to economic recovery and development; to restart implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement; to improve the humanitarian situation; and strengthen the protection of civilians.

UNITAMS continues to play a key role in supporting Sudan in reaching these goals. And it is imperative that we – the international partners – now rally behind the joint “good offices” of the UN, AU and IGAD.