Explanation of Vote by Deputy Permanent Representative Trine Heimerback following the adoption of the mandate renewal for the UN Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), 3 June 2022.

Norway welcomes the extension of UNITAMS’ mandate, and we thank UK, as penholder, for their inclusive and transparent approach to the mandate renewal.

Since the adoption of Security Council resolution 2579, we have unfortunately seen significant changes on the ground in Sudan. Changes that in our view clearly merited an updated mandate.

We appreciated efforts by the penholder to include views from both Sudan and the region in the first draft; and we were looking forward to engaging in negotiations towards a consensual outcome.

We would in particular have wanted to see the Security Council’s strong and clear support to the joint efforts of the African Union, IGAD, and UNITAMS to unlock the political crisis. 

And more broadly: Norway welcomes the recent release of detainees, and the lifting of the state of emergency in Sudan. These are important steps to create the right environment for dialogue, and we now call on all Sudanese parties to engage with the UN-AU-IGAD process. The role of the tripartite mechanism is crucial.

An inclusive political settlement is the surest path to economic recovery and development; improvement of the humanitarian situation; and strengthening the protection of civilians. And there can be no doubt that UNITAMS continues to play a key role in supporting Sudan in reaching these goals.