SC: Libya

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Trine Heimerback in the Security Council meeting on Libya / UNSMIL, 30 August 2022.

Thank you to USG DiCarlo for your briefing. And let me also thank the Libyan PR for her report as chair of the 1970 Committee.

President, Norway is saddened by the loss of lives during the clashes in Tripoli last weekend. We share the deep concern expressed by the SG and USG DiCarlo about the developments in Libya. The country’s political and military leaders must put the interest of the Libyan people first, and put an end to the fighting.

Norway joins UNSMIL in calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities in and around Tripoli.

We urge all parties to exercise restraint and to contribute to de-escalation and to return to the negotiation table.

We remind all parties of the need to protect the civilian population and civilian infrastructure. Reported shelling of hospitals and medical centres are of grave concern. Ambulance teams and medical staff must be given unhindered access.

President, the latest round of fighting shows yet again that this conflict cannot be solved by military means. A political solution in Libya is the only way forward. The Libyan people have made it clear that they want elections – not violence and conflict.

Libyan leaders must redouble their efforts to agree to a constitutional framework for elections and to find peaceful solutions.

We welcome the meeting between the 5+5 JMC and UNSMIL in Sirte earlier this month, where ceasefire monitoring and withdrawal of foreign forces, foreign fighters and mercenaries from Libya was discussed.

It is essential that the withdrawal moves forward with the necessary DDR measures. We also call for strengthened efforts towards the unification of the armed forces.

The end of the oil blockade is a positive development. The proceeds from Libya’s oil production must benefit all Libyans and should not be held hostage to political rivalry.

We call on all actors in Libya to respect the independence of economic and financial institutions, such as the National Oil Corporation and the Central Bank of Libya.

In closing, let me thank Stephanie Williams for her efforts as Special Adviser. And reiterate the importance of appointing an SRSG for Libya. UNSMIL needs stable and predictable leadership in order to continue to fulfil its mission in Libya. The latest days has shown us the urgency of doing so.