SC: Libya

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the Security Council meeting on Libya / UNSMIL, 25 July 2022.

Thank you to ASG Akyaa Pobee for your briefing.

We continue to give our full support to the UN and to Special Advisor Williams. The Special Advisor’s efforts to facilitate negotiations on a constitutional framework for elections are critical. Recent developments in Libya are extremely concerning.

The fighting in Tripoli and Misrata over the weekend clearly demonstrates how unstable the security situation is. We call on all parties to protect civilians- including children- in accordance with international law.

The protection of civilians is critical to fostering sustainable peace.

It is clear that the lack of a unified executive government, and Libyan leaders’ power brokering behind the scenes, only contribute to increased tensions, and lack of confidence in the authorities. Corruption, power cuts, increased food prices, and the crackdown on civil society is further fuelling discontent.

The Libyan people are angry and frustrated. The protests earlier this month demonstrate that their patience is not limitless. This was a clear signal to Libya’s political leadership- and it should not go unheeded.

The Libyan people have made clear that they want improved public services, participation, and to elect their own leaders. Free, fair, and inclusive national elections must be held as soon as possible.

One positive development relates to the 5+5 JMC resuming its work. We welcome the talks between the commanders of the Libyan army in Tripoli earlier this month, and call for strengthened efforts on the security track- including in the 5+5 JMC.

Unifying the Libyan armed forces is essential. The deterioration of the situation in Libya illustrates the need for a strong, relevant, and effective UN presence.

UNSMIL plays a vital role but needs more resources and predictability.

We are concerned by reports that the Libyan people are increasingly losing confidence in the UN. This Council must therefore live up to its responsibility and provide UNSMIL with a robust 12 month mandate renewal.

We must agree on a substantial resolution which reflects the developments on the ground, and sends a strong signal to Libya’s political leaders.

Norway reiterates our support to operation IRINI.

Last week’s interception by IRINI of a vessel violating the arms embargo illustrates IRINI’s valuable contribution to implementing the arms embargo.

We will continue to urge all states to uphold the embargo.