SC: Libya / UNSMIL

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the Security Council meeting on Libya / UNSMIL, 27 June 2022.

Thank you to USG DiCarlo for your briefing, and to Ms. Bushra Alhodiri for your insightful remarks.

Let me start by reiterating our support to the UN, and to Special Advisor Williams in particular, for her efforts to facilitate talks in Cairo between the House of Representatives and the High Council of State. We are encouraged by the progress achieved during the last round of negotiations, towards agreeing on a constitutional framework for elections. And we call on the leaders on both sides to follow up with meetings to resolve outstanding issues. We are pleased to learn that such a meeting will take place in Geneva this week. The aim must be to hold free, fair, and inclusive national elections as soon as possible.

We are worried by the increased tensions over the latest weeks, especially in and around Tripoli. It is essential that all actors in Libya contribute to upholding the ceasefire, and keeping the calm. The progress achieved since 2020 must not go to waste. Libya needs stability, not another violent conflict.

We are therefore worried by the rapid deterioration in public services – particularly education and health services – and significant protection challenges. Further destabilisation of political dynamics might threaten the ceasefire agreement, and the government's viability, risking resumption of the conflict. And let me also repeat our concern about the situation for civil society and human rights defenders in Libya. Libyan authorities must uphold their human rights obligations.

Lastly President,

Norway supports the extension of the mandate for the Fact Finding Mission on Libya. It is important that the Mission can continue its work to advance compliance of human rights obligations, and a rights-based reconciliation process in Libya.

Thank you.