SC: Iraq/Kuwait (UNCC)

Statement by Deputy Political Coordinator Vebjørn Heines in the Security Council meeting on the UN Compensation Commission (UNCC) for Iraq/Kuwait, 22 February 2022.


Let me begin by thanking Ambassador Gaffey for the briefing. Over thirty years ago, the Security Council decided to establish the Compensation Commission and Fund to process the millions of claims submitted for losses and damages as a result of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. These were violations committed during the Saddam regime.

Norway welcomes the recent declaration that the Government of Iraq has now fulfilled all of its obligations. This is an historic and significant achievement.

We congratulate the Iraqi government in this regard and applaud its commitment to meeting its obligations and responsibilities.

Norway would also like to commend the cooperation with the Commission shown by both Iraq and Kuwait. Such sustained cooperation has also improved relations between the two countries – and advanced regional stability. We commend this effort, and encourage further progress along the Missing Persons file and return of Kuwaiti Archives.


We support the resolution put forward today that marks the end of the UN Compensation Commission. And we would like to thank the Commission for their excellent work over the course of the years.

As this successful chapter of UN history draws to a close, let me conclude by highlighting our sincere wish for continued peaceful and good neighborly relations between Iraq and Kuwait.