SC: Haiti

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Trine Heimerback on Haiti, 21 December 2022.

I thank SRSG La Lime, DSG Mohammed, and Chair of the new Sanctions Committee for their briefs. We also take note of the intervention of Mr. Ives. Let me draw your attention to four points today;

First, we welcome the important steps taken towards operationalising the sanctions committee pursuant to resolution 2253; and would like to congratulate His Excellency Michel Xavier Biang on his appointment as Chair of the Committee. We believe the Committee should consider further designating perpetrators of sexual and gender-based violence. And, to ensure the efficiency of the sanctions regime, it is important that the Committee keeps up with its intentions to safeguard due process by authorising the Ombudsperson for this sanctions regime.

Second, we continue to be extremely concerned about the humanitarian situation in Haiti. We fear that we will see a further deterioration as gangs continue to retain significant territory. We commend the UN, and local and international humanitarian workers, who are tirelessly working to protect and assist people affected by the crisis. They must be assured safe and unhindered access to people in need.

Third, many of the problems facing Haiti can be traced to systematic failures. The breakdown of the security and justice sector need to be addressed, including the endemic corruption and impunity. Climate-related security threats are also evident. Poor disaster resilience leads vulnerable people, in rural areas, to leave their homes for cities where violence is rampant. And children- who are unable to go to school due to the violence- are forced to turn to the very people holding them hostage in order to be fed. The situation is untenable, and we must not turn away.

Fourth, the crisis in Haiti is multifaceted. We regret that a political solution continues to be elusive. This is why we strongly encourage Haiti’s political actors to work together for their people, and find a sustainable Haitian-led political solution. However, the current crisis is so deep that it will require more than just organising new elections to resolve it. We need multiple and combined efforts in the security, humanitarian and political sectors to pave the way for a better future.

The Secretary-General has proposed "a rapid action force" to support Haiti’s police in improving the security situation.

Criminal actors who are fuelling violence, and disrupting humanitarian assistance, must be stopped.

We welcome appropriate support from countries and actors in the region to assist the Haitian National Police to tackle the acute security situation.

Finally President,

Allow me to end by urging the international community to remain engaged in Haiti.

In the current dire situation, as a Council we should be united and work together with Haitians towards creating a better future. We call on the penholders to have wider discussions on the draft resolution on the multinational force.

Norway has been a long-term partner for Haiti. And we will continue to support the Haitian people, also beyond our term in the Security Council.