SC: Haiti - Resolution

Explanation of vote by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the Security Council meeting on Haiti, 21 October 2022.

Norway voted in favor of the resolution.

The alarming situation in Haiti, as discussed in our Council meeting two days ago, requires action from the international community. The Haitian people deserve our full attention, assistance, and dedication.  And today, in response, the Council is establishing its first sanctions regime since 2017.

This sanctions regime is an important steppingstone for reducing the abilities of criminal actors and gangs to continue their violence and illegal activities which paralyze Haiti.

Our considerations have been focused towards creating a robust and well-designed regime. One that will act as a constraint and deterrence on: the sexual and gender-based violence; recruitment of children to armed groups and criminal networks; and human rights abuses that threaten the peace and security of Haiti and the region. And it is important that the regime has included a robust humanitarian carve out.

Let me also highlight the significance of the Council’s recognition of the need for fair and clear procedures and the Council’s intent to authorize the Ombudsperson to remedy this issue.

Observing due process is instrumental to maintain the efficiency and legitimacy of any sanctions regime. Norway has advocated for stronger safeguards of due process for years, and it is significant that the Council now so clearly has made its intent to authorize the Ombudsperson to ensure due process beyond the 1267 regime so clear. It is important that the Council keeps up with its intentions and continues its engagement on due process.

We welcome this step in assisting the people of Haiti. Norway stands ready to continue discussions on another resolution, which the US highlighted and which we hope will be shared with the wider membership swiftly.