SC: E10 Syria - Humanitarian

Explanation of vote on behalf of the ten elected UN Security Council members "E10" delivered by Kenya in the Security Council meeting on the Syria cross-border operation mandate renewal, 12 July 2022.

Thank you for giving me the floor. I am making this Explanation of Vote, before the vote, on behalf of the E-10 in Kenya’s capacity as coordinator for the month of July.

The E-10 appreciates the manner in which delegations have rallied to put foremost the humanitarian needs of the Syrian people. It is in this regard that the E10 commends the extensive efforts by the co-penholders to achieve a compromise text that ensures the continuity of the critical humanitarian assistance provided through the cross-border mechanism which is key to addressing the dire and urgent needs of the Syrian people.

Last week, the E-10 supported a 12-month renewal, as this would have given humanitarian organisations more certainty in their operations.

Ultimately, however, the E-10’s fundamental interest is for the Security Council to meet the grave needs of the Syrian people. The E-10 therefore stands behind the co-penholder’s text as it allows for critical humanitarian assistance to be delivered.

We look forward to the continuing effective implementation of the cross-border mechanism as agreed, so that the conditions are in place for its continuation after the coming six months.

To this end, the E10 will continue to play a constructive role that aims to bridge divides and identify useful compromises that advance the humanitarian wellbeing of the Syrian people.

I reiterate that the E-10’s pressing interest remains the uniting of the Security Council on this issue, and on behalf of the Syrian people.