SC: Cooperation between UN and (sub)regional organisations

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Trine Heimerback in the UN Security Council meeting on cooperation between the UN and regional & subregional organisations in maintaining international peace and security, 16 February 2022.

Norway welcomes strengthened institutional cooperation between the UN and regional organizations, in order to make the most of our combined resources in both prevention of conflicts and in peacebuilding.

We support developing partnerships between the Security Council and relevant regional organisations, and efforts to achieve pacific settlement of local disputes through regional arrangements, in accordance with Chapter 8 of the UN Charter.

Through its peace operations and efforts to prevent, mitigate and resolve conflicts, regional organisations are important partners to this Council. Traditional politico-military threats are not the only security challenges we face today. Rather, there are multiple security challenges. These range from instability and armed conflict to deprivation of human rights.

There are also transnational threats such as violent extremism and terrorism, organized crime and trafficking in arms, drugs, and human beings. Regional cooperation is one important way of handling these challenges.

We believe that good governance, rule of law, gender equality, respect for human rights and fostering democratic institutions are essential components in maintaining peace, security and prosperity.

A case in point is the situation in Kazakhstan. As the country now deals with the aftermath of the recent events in January, we believe political reform, and observance of human rights will be of key importance. We urge the authorities in Kazakhstan to secure a fair trial for those under investigation after the demonstrations, in accordance with international human rights’ obligations.


Norway appreciates regional efforts in Central Asia to improve counter-terrorism cooperation and to ensure implementation of the UN global counter-terrorism strategy. Norway supports the UN and the countries in the region in these efforts. We believe regional cooperation in Central Asia could contribute to reducing conflict levels also in the broader region, specifically in Afghanistan.

We appreciate the engagement of regional countries in supporting the peace process in Afghanistan.


Regional and international cooperation is necessary in dealing with a variety of transnational challenges. This must be firmly based on democratic principles, respect for human rights and rule of law.

Thank you.