SC: Colombia

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the UN Security Council meeting on Colombia, 14 July 2022.

We thank SRSG Ruiz Massieu for his briefing on important developments in Colombia, and Ms. Jineth Casso Piamba for your words.

Thanks and a warm welcome to Vice-President Marta Lucía Ramírez.

And a special thanks to you Father Francisco de Roux for your very important work. 


I would like to congratulate Colombia on their peaceful and orderly elections.

And commend the main political actors for the dignified way they have behaved after the election results were known.

The constructive conduct throughout the election, and their openness to further dialogue, are encouraging, and gives further promise for a prosperous Colombia.


As a guarantor country, we find President-elect Petro’s call for national unity- underscoring that peace will be a central goal of his administration- reassuring.

If desired by the parties, be assured that we will stand by our commitments as a guarantor country – also should a dialogue with the ELN materialise.


The Truth Commission released its final report on 28 June. The Commission has carried out a titanic task, hearing thousands of testimonies, and scrutinising countless reports and documents.

The result is impressive.


While healing will certainly take time-

It is our hope that the report will be instrumental in trying to mend the wounds after more than 50 years of violent conflict. We encourage all sectors of Colombian society- and in particular the incoming government- to follow up on the Commission’s recommendations.

We would like to commend the members of the last secretariat of the former FARC-EP for their testimonies during the public hearings in the Special Jurisdiction for Peace regarding Case 01.

The way the top commanders of the former FARC-EP assumed personal responsibility, asked for forgiveness, and provided further details on the crimes committed, serves as an example to all other actors and entities having their cases examined by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace.

Likewise, we commend the former members of the military who recognised their responsibility, and acknowledged that civilian victims were falsely reported as guerrilla members killed in combat during the first public hearing in Case 003.

Again, I would like to express Norway’s appreciation, and admiration, for all those who have given truthful testimony to the Commission, and to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace- including of course the victims.  

As we have stated on numerous occasions, ‘The Comprehensive System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition’ is a crucial instrument for creating justice after the internal, violent conflict.

Placing the victims at the centre, it is perhaps the most sophisticated system of its kind globally. Colombians can be proud of it; it serves as an inspiration and a model for transitional justice systems elsewhere.

The Commission’s report, and the way the Special Jurisdiction for Peace is carrying out its mandate, is also evidence of the system’s virtue.

Norway remains concerned about the security situation for former combatants and local leaders working to implement the peace agreement. We urge the incoming government to take the steps necessary to improve the situation.

Likewise, we encourage the new administration to step up implementation of the accord’s provisions when it comes to: rural reform, political participation, ethnic, and not least - gender issues.

In other words, to work strategically to continue to overcome the root causes of Colombia’s conflict.

Let me end by - Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez- thanking you and your government for the cooperation extended to us over the last four years. And reiterating that Norway remains committed to accompanying Colombia in your efforts to ensure peace and prosperity for the Colombian people.