SC: Syria - Political

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul on the political situation in Syria, 28 September 2021.

Thank you to Special Envoy Pedersen for your briefing and Dr. Rouba Mhaissen for your valuable contribution. We are glad to hear from the Special Envoy that the parties have been able to agree on a framework for the next round of negotiations, and that invitations have been distributed for a meeting of the Drafting Committee on October 18 in Geneva. We appreciate also the updates provided from concerned parties, and hope that this next round of negotiations will bring the constitutional process forward in a substantial and tangible way.

We urge the parties to contribute concretely to the drafting of a new constitution. Progress here can increase confidence, and pave the way for advancement in other parts of Resolution 2254. We also reiterate the importance of consulting with the Syrian Women’s Advisory Board, and Civil Society Support Room in these efforts.

The intervention from Dr. Mhaissen today illustrates the importance of listening to civil society, and ensuring an inclusive process.


The dire humanitarian, economic, and security, situation on the ground must be improved.

We will continue to actively support all efforts to this end, but the root causes of the conflict must also be addressed. Credible progress on the political track is key to development, stability, the return of refugees, and ultimately - peace.

We support the Special Envoy’s call to the Syrian parties to move forward in their dialogue.

As well as his call for international actors engaged in Syria to come together, and identify concrete steps that can move the political process forward. It is imperative that both the Syrian parties - and we in the international community - do more ensure implementation of resolution 2254.

Finally President,

Let me express the importance of continuing the fight against ISIL in Syria. The terror group continue to use Syria as a base to operate from. This further underscores that a political solution, and stability in Syria, is not only crucial for the people of Syria, but for its neighbours, and for the broader international community.