SC: "Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam" (GERD)

Statement delivered by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the Security Council meeting on the issue of the "Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam" (GERD), 8 July 2021.

I thank the briefers for their important insights. We also welcome the ministers and representatives of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan to today's meeting.

The three parties -- Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan -- have legitimate interests in the Nile River and its water resources. A sustainable solution to the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam can only be found by the parties themselves.

Much has already been agreed through the Declaration of Principles -- which is a good framework to seek equitable, and reasonable, use of The Blue Nile. What remains now is for the parties to reach consensus on modalities for future cooperation, based on these Principles, and on transparency and trust. This requires constructive engagement, the political will, and courage to find compromise.

We call on the three parties to refrain from any action that could undermine negotiations, and to make full use of good offices of the African Union- especially through its facilitator role.


Norway encourages Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan to invest politically in an agreement on the GERD which all parties can benefit from. We are confident that the return on this investment will be development, and prosperity, for the people of all three states, and beyond. Let GERD and the Nile be a source of opportunities, not conflict.

Thank you.