DPR May-Elin

SC: Working Methods

Statement by Ambassador May-Elin Stener at the open debate on the working methods in the Security Council, 6 February 2018.

| Security Council

Mr, President,

Norway is pleased to see the steady progress achieved during the last decade in the working methods of the Security Council. We would like to thank Japan for its tireless and fruitful efforts while chair of the Informal Working Group on Documentation and Other Procedural Questions of the Security Council. We also welcome the latest edition of the ‘Green Book’ (‘Handbook on the Working Methods of the Security Council‘).

To maintain momentum in this process, it is necessary for the Security Council to continuously and periodically conduct constructive debates on its working methods. We would like to thank Kuwait for organising this tenth annual debate on working methods at the start of its membership as an elected member of the Security Council. Kuwait can count on the support and cooperation of Norway in its chairmanship of the Informal Working Group.

We recognise the need to strike a balance between gaining the support of the wider United Nations membership and enabling the Council to take prompt and effective action to maintain international peace and security.

We are convinced that full implementation of the agreed measures described in (the annex to) note 507 in the daily business of the Council will be crucial to maintaining this balance. We call on all members of the Security Council to put these measures into effect without delay.

In particular, we welcome the Note’s reference to the importance of annual joint consultative meetings and informal dialogues with the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, and of the Security Council’s intention to regularly seek advice from the Peace Building Commission.

We are encouraged by the transparency and inclusivity that guided the process of selecting a new Secretary-General, the momentum for UN reform that is currently energising the work of the Secretariat and Member States, and the ongoing efforts to reform the Security Council.

A relevant and strong UN requires an efficient, transparent and inclusive Security Council to meet today’s challenges to international peace and security, and to improve global governance. I can assure you that Norway will contribute to a constructive dialogue among Member States, with a view to achieving further progress.

Thank you.