PBC: Peacebuilding in Guatemala

Statement delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Andreas Løvold at Ambassadorial level meeting on Peacebuilding in Guatemala

Thank you Chair, and a big thank you to President Arévalo and Ms. Herrera for their informative interventions and for sharing your country’s peacebuilding priorities and plans.


As we have heard today, Guatemala has made important strides towards national reconciliation and strengthened democratic institutions following the contentious elections of 2023.

Crucially, the new government recognizes the imperative of indigenous rights and inclusion, acknowledging the significant disparities faced by indigenous communities – and the vital role we have seen them play in protecting democracy. Ongoing efforts to engage in dialogue with indigenous authorities and other stakeholders, such as farmers, signal a commitment to addressing these disparities and building a more equitable society.

Moreover, the new administration’s commitment to gender equality, exemplified by strides towards gender parity in governance and active participation in international forums, reflects a dedication to promoting women's rights and empowerment. We look forward to seeing progress on this work in the coming months.


Norway is a long-standing partner of Guatemala, and we have enjoyed a close relationship since we participated in the negotiations of the peace agreement in the 90s.

We believe the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC), with its expertise in areas such as transitional justice, anti-corruption, human rights, and conflict prevention, can be a relevant avenue for advancing Guatemala's peacebuilding agenda. Coupling this with support to the UNs efforts and presence on the ground can complement the government's efforts, fostering sustainable peace and development. We are particularly pleased to see that the new Foreign Minister has already extended the mandate of OHCHR in Guatemala.

Norway looks forward to supporting Guatemala’s peacebuilding priorities in the coming months, both through the PBC and bilaterally.

Thank you.