PBC: Annual meeting on women, peace and security

Statement delivered by Permanent Representative Ambassador Merete Fjeld Brattested in the Peace Building Commission's annual meeting on women, peace and security


Let me first start by thanking the briefers for their important interventions. As we have heard today, and as is shown through extensive research, investing in women’s meaningful participation in all parts of the peace continuum is a critical contribution to sustainable peace. But this investment is still largely lacking.

I would like to focus this statement on what we, as the Peacebuilding Commission, can do to help change this.

Firstly, the PBC should utilize its advisory role to the Security Council better to strengthen the WPS agenda. This includes better integrating the contributions and relevant recommendations of women peacebuilders and women human rights defenders in the Commission’s advice to the Council.

Secondly, the PBC should continue and strengthen its cooperation with women organizations on both conflict analysis and dialogue initiatives. The Commission could explore cooperation with national and regional networks of women mediators and invite them to relevant Commission meetings. For instance, in South Africa, the annual Gertrude Shope Forum, which brings together an impressive array of women peacebuilders, could be a great source of input for the Commission in how to further the WPS agenda.

Thirdly, the PBC must work to secure a safe and enabling environment for women peacebuilders and women human rights defenders. This can be done through giving them a platform to engage on a broad set of peacebuilding issues, and by addressing reprisals women peacebuilders often face when raising their voices.  

Finally, following up commitments with adequate funding is a prerequisite for all of this to take place – and much more is needed. Norway commends the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) for continuing to exceed its target for committing resources to women’s peacebuilding initiatives and encourages the Fund to set even more ambitious targets. Other funding mechanisms should learn from the PBF’s example.

Thank you.