Global Food Security Call to Action

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative, Odd-Inge Kvalheim, in the Ministerial Meeting on “Global Food Security Call to Action” , May 18 2022.

This meeting is not just a call to action. It is a wakeup call.

Millions of people are hungry. Thousands are dying of hunger.

The Russian war against Ukraine has exacerbated an already strained global food security situation – leading to a steep rise in global food prices.

Norway has provided more than 100 million dollars to the World Food Programme this year alone. On a longer-term basis, we are planning food security programmes worth 80 million dollars to alleviate the consequences of the ongoing crises.

A portion will be allocated to the efforts of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to support the current sowing season in the Ukrainian fields. The remaining funds will be earmarked for the following four goals to build resilience in the world’s food systems:

First, Norway will strengthen social safety nets.

Second, we will support multilateral crisis mechanisms for increased food security.

Third, Norway will continue supporting climate-resilient food systems. We will focus especially on small-scale producers. In line with the recommendations that was made this afternoon by the FAO.

Finally, we will expand our support to partners to prevent them from downsizing activities due to increased costs of agricultural input factors.

Let me also add that we are working on a new strategic policy document for Norway’s future food security engagement, in response to the challenging global landscape.


Let me assure you that Norway remains committed to responding in many ways to the urgent food security crises the world is facing.