CERF High Level Pledging Event

Statement by Norway in the High-Level Pledging Conference for the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), 9 December 2022

With global humanitarian needs increasing to unprecedented levels, CERF has proven to be fit for purpose in responding in a timely and adequate way to humanitarian emergencies.

As the Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines in January, CERF immediately released rapid response funds. As the drought unfolded in Somalia, CERF mobilised several allocations.

The same day Russia waged the war of aggression against Ukraine, CERF allocated funds for an immediate scale-up of humanitarian response.

Russia’s war is causing enormous suffering in Ukraine, and also has a global impact – by adding another burden to the many countries already coping with food insecurity due to climate change, covid and conflict.

CERF must be supported now more than ever.


Along with what I mentioned above, CERF also provides much-needed support for underfunded and often neglected crises and strengthens humanitarian leadership and coordination.

But CERF does more than this. It also spearheads innovative approaches.

Norway highly appreciates CERFs contribution to anticipatory action. We all know that anticipation saves lives, is more dignified and cost efficient. We are happy to see that frameworks for such action have been piloted in nine countries this year.

But it is time to move beyond the pilots and mainstream anticipatory action as a preferred way to respond – wherever possible.

We welcome the CERF pilot supporting women led organisations and would encourage to strengthen this also in the future.


Norway is a consistent, predictable and strong supporter of CERF. We see it as an effective instrument for delivering rapid, life-saving assistance and protection to people affected by humanitarian crises.

Last year we entered into a new multi-year agreement with CERF.

I am pleased to announce that Norway will contribute 450 million Norwegian Kroner for CERF in 2023.

In addition, for 2022 we have topped up the annual contribution of 450 million with another 30 million, landing on 480 million Norwegian Kroner this year. This is about 48 million USD.

Norway is proud to support CERF. Contributions to CERF save lives.

You can rely on our ongoing and continued support.