PBC: Youth, Peace and Security

Statement by Minister Counsellor Terje Aalia in the Peace Building Committee on Youth, Peace and Security, 11 February 2020.

| Peacebuilding Commission

Thank you, Chair.

And warm thanks to the briefers. Especially the youth representatives.

You are very inspiring.

I commend your work.

And you prove the point that youth enrich the conversation. And that we must strengthen the youth, peace and security work.

On that note, I have four points to make.

First. Our focus should be better implementation of the resolutions 2250 and 2419. And working to institutionalize the YPS agenda in the UN system.

Second. Norway is supportive of the idea of the PBC preparing an implementation action plan - preferably brief and concrete. For example, it could include keeping track of occurrences of youth in panels, meetings with youth organizations, especially on missions, and addressing youth aspects when providing advice to the Security Council etc. We should include tools to measure progress. We should seek engagement with the office of the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth.

Third. We support the positive narrative around the YPS agenda. Youth are a valuable resource in our common efforts towards peacebuilding and sustaining peace. One that we should utilize. Especially through empowering them as partners and ensuring the meaningful participation of young women and men in all relevant processes. There are close links to the gender agenda. As also highlighted by the leader of Purposeful, and others.

Let me highlight a couple of concrete examples of YPS. Through Norway’s involvement in peace and reconciliation efforts in Colombia, the Philippines and South Sudan, we have seen first-hand the important contributions of youth. And the results their inclusion can bring. Based on this experience, we encourage their involvement at an early stage – of negotiations and conflict resolution.

Also is a substantial financial contributor to youth movements

My fourths and last point is that Norway looks forward to the forthcoming report from the Secretary General, mandated by resolution 2419. We hope it will not only take stock of the implementation of the YPS agenda, but also provide concrete recommendations on how to strengthen the agenda and the implementation of it.

Finally, to round it off, let us recall that the PBC is especially referred to in the YPS resolutions. We have a clear role to play. It is now on us to ensure follow up. Norway will continue to support the YPS agenda.

Thank you.