PBC: Guinea-Bissau

Statement by Ambassador Odd-Inge Kvalheim in the Peacebuilding Commission on Guinea-Bissau, 24 February 2020.

Thank you, Chair, and thank you to the briefers. Very thorough and useful.

Norway commends the Chair for facilitating written input to the Council.

On the procedural note, we think that input to the Council is a core function of the PBC.

As to the contents, we are pleased to see a substantial and good letter in this period of transition for UNIOGBIS. Norway emphasizes enhanced and coordinated engagement with national stakeholders, as well as the role of women, youth, and civil society.

We are supportive of the letter. It also conveys in a good manner the importance of a well-planned and coordinated transition of UNIOGBIS.

Hopefully the SC will also refer to the role of the PBC.

Please allow me a couple of short comment on the situation in Guinea-Bissau.

It is a source of concern that the people of Guinea-Bissau still do not have a president following the elections that took place in November/December 2019.

Guinea-Bissau has over the past years taken several important steps on the path to political stability and peace. We hope the results of the election are clarified as soon as possible, so a democratically elected president can take office and work towards bringing prosperity to the country and its people.

We urge the concerned parties to work together to find solutions to the current impasse, and to ensure transparency and credibility in the process.

I reiterate the strong support from Norway to Guinea Bissau and the PBC.

Thank you Chair.