PBC: Organizational Committee

Statement by Ambassador Mona Juul in the meeting of the Peacebuilding Commission on adopting the annual report and election of new leadership, 29 January 2020.

| Peacebuilding Commission

Thank you chair, and congratulations to the new elected leadership.

Let me first and foremost thank you, Guillermo.

You, Natalia and the others on the team have done a marvellous job as PBC chair.

I will not repeat what others have mentioned, the good initiatives, innovate meetings, and a steady, diplomatic hand on it all.

I fully align myself with the praise expressed by colleagues.

Let me also underline our sincere gratitude to all the Member States that choose to use the PBC as a form for updates, dialogue and support.

You are of course the backbone in all activities, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to share your analysis and experiences.

We are fully behind your endeavours for peace and sustaining peace.   

The Annual Report we adopt today is also a testament to the high level of activity, and the many initiatives that have been implemented.

I’d like to especially mention the efforts to implement the gender strategy, and to highlight the important role of women in peacebuilding.

Another point I want to emphasise is the good work to further strengthen the Commissions advisory role to the Security Council. The last letter on the mandate renewal for UNOWAS springs to mind.

I am glad the PBC proves able to provide substantial input.

Speaking of co-operation with other main bodies of the UN – I also want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the co-operation with me as President of ECOSOC.

I believe in efforts to strengthen the relations between the PBC and ECOSOC.

Development and peacebuilding are closely related.

I couldn’t agree more with those who emphasize the role of the PBF. Norway remains a staunch supporter, and I promise we will continue being a substantial contributor.   

Norway and Colombia have had close relations for many years. Not least through your relentless work on peacebuilding in your own country. I am proud we have been a trusted partner throughout this process. And we remain close.

Let me also thank the distinguished vice-chairs, Romania and Egypt, for your great job in assisting the Chair throughout the year.

And all the Chairs of the country configurations.

We are lucky to have Colombia continuing in the leadership trio as vice chair, and I want to warmly welcome Japan as the second vice-chair.

This brings me to Canada taking over as chair of the PBC.

I really look forward to working with you in your new capacity Marc-André.

I am convinced Canada will contribute a lot to the work of the Commission.

Your are exceptionally well positioned to substantially contribute and help us all to push the PBC further in the right direction.

I am especially hopeful when it comes to efforts on financing of peacebuilding.

I stand ready to co-operate, both as Norway’s PR, and also in my capacity as ECOSOC President, and I fully agree and support the priorities you just outlined, Marc-André. 

Again, a warm thanks to the outgoing leadership, and best of luck to the ones taking over.