Group of Friends on Climate

Statement by Ambassador Mona Juul in the Group of Friends on Climate, 07 February 2020.


Climate friends,

We know the statistics: to keep temperature rise to 1.5 degrees by 2030 we must reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent from 2010 levels. And reach net zero emissions by 2050.

This is no small goal.

But we are heartened by the global pledges already being made. And contribution of this group here at the UN to build consensus on the climate crisis.  

You can count on Norway to truly be a ‘Friend of Climate’ and do our part.

We’ve set our own 2030 climate target to reduce emissions by 40 % compared to 1990 levels.

Ultimately though, to achieve global targets, we need global efforts.

This means supporting developing countries in reaching ambitious climate goals. 

The Green Climate Fund is an important resource in this respect.

It was encouraging to see the successful replenishment of the GCF last autumn.

Together with Germany, we were the first two countries to announce a doubling of contributions to the Fund, and we encourage others to continue to do the same.


There are many areas that need our greater attention, from biodiversity loss, or, as the Secretary-General highlighted in his priorities for 2020, the health effects of air pollution.

For Norway though, it is recognising that the effects of climate change can become a ‘threat multiplier’ in conflict.

We have been clear: the climate-security nexus must be firmly placed on the Security Council’s agenda.

Likewise, the capacity of the UN needs to be increased to better understand climate-fragility risks.

And finally on the subject of ‘multipliers’, we must put a special focus on women and girls in all our efforts.

Their success benefits us all.


There is also some good news to report.

We now know that the Ocean can play a much greater role than previously thought in reducing the world’s carbon footprint. 

According to the new report from the expert group of the ‘High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy’- ocean-based climate solutions could deliver up to a fifth of the annual emissions cuts needed by 2050.

It is clearer than ever that a sustainable ocean is vital to our common future. 

To this end, Norway is excited to be working together with partners to establish a global agreement on marine litter and microplastics.


2020 will be a busy, and hopefully decisive year for climate action.

We must work towards socially, financially and environmentally, sustainable development.

And we are happy to be a part of this Group of Friends working to do so.

Let’s get to work!