Training, Capacity Building, Safety and Security and Performance of UN Peacekeeping

Statement by Minister Counsellor Kjersti Tromsdal on Training, Capacity Building, Safety and Security and Performance of UN Peacekeeping in the Triangular Formula Meeting, 28 March 2019.

| Triangular Formula Meeting

Norway welcomes the opportunity to address the first triangular formula meeting, and we would like to thank the hosts for taking the initiative.

As a longstanding and consistent supporter of UN peacekeeping, we recognize the importance of strengthening and complementing existing formal and informal facilitation mechanisms among the Security Council, the troop and police contributing countries and the Secretariat.

I will make two points:

First, preventing fatalities and improving the safety and security of peacekeepers is a key Norwegian priority.  We are of the opinion that the triangular partners could add value by focusing on how we can complement each other in engaging the host states on this issue. One aspect that merits further attention is the prevention of violations of the status of forces agreements. Restrictions of movement impede the implementation of the mandate and make peacekeepers more vulnerable.

Second, by drawing together existing performance-related policies and standards, the integrated performance policy framework will ease efforts by the triangular partners aimed at ensuring better coherence and connection between training and capacity building.  In addition, it will contribute to the better delivery and implementation of mandates. In that regard, I would like to highlight the Comprehensive Performance Assessment System (CPAS).

Norway supports CPAS both financially and through the provision of technical assistance to the Secretariat. CPAS will provide a means to assess objectively the progress being made in implementation of mandates – to the benefit of all peacekeeping partners, including host states.

Thank you.