Financial Situation of the Organization

Statement by Ambassador Mari Skåre at the informal briefing by the Secretary-General on the Financial Situation of the Organization, 1 March 2019.

Thank you, Secretary-General for the briefing. We understand the gravity of the situation.

The UN – our UN – is getting to the age of 75 years. At the core of our urgent deliberations is how the UN effectively and efficiently deliver on today’s challenges.

Yes, we do expect sound management of the financial resources, but the United Nations can only deliver what the Member States will equip it for.

Article 17 of the Charter states that the expenses of the Organization shall be borne by the Member States as appropriated by the General Assembly.

Predictable and stable financing of the United Nations and its activities is crucial to ensure that the Organization fulfill its mandates.

The Secretary-General has today and previously informed Member States about the financial situation. The liquidity crunch, need to initiate extraordinary budgeting practices and focus on accounting acrobatics is deeply concerning.

The financial situation is not only threatening to the mandate delivery of the UN, but also to the implementation of the bold reforms making the organization well-equipped for the 21st Century.

Norway is a founding member and common partner of the UN. Norway will continue to be a voice for a strong United Nations in cooperation with Member States. We will work for a United Nations that will deliver on its mandates and be relevant for all.

Thank you.