A Call for Peace

Statement by Ambassador Mona Juul at the launch of UNITAR's e-learning course on mediation. 22 July 2019.

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Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am honored to be here today at the launch of the e-learning course on how we can strive to achieve peace through preventive diplomacy, multilateral negotiations and mediation.

I believe the overarching question for all of us here in the UN and in diplomacy everywhere is:

How can we settle conflicts and develop peacefully?

I strongly believe that political dialogue is the key. Norway has spent a significant amount of diplomatic capital these last decades, to end armed conflicts. We have engaged in about 20 different countries and areas.

Norway has demonstrated that we are a consistent partner willing to assist long-term. We are prepared to take the necessary political risk to reach the finish line. My own experience in areas like the Middle East is one example. And newer examples from for instance Colombia is part of this new e-learning course. Currently, representatives of the main political actors in Venezuela are continuing the negotiations that were initiated in Oslo. I am grateful to the Government of Barbados for their hospitality.

I hope this e-learning course on preventive diplomacy, multilateral negotiations and mediation will contribute on the road to achieve sustainable peace. It takes time. It’s hard work. But this is the kind of work that the world needs more of - for our common future.

Thank you.