OIK 10th anniversary

10th Anniversary for the Ombudsperson of the ISIL/al Qaida Committee

Statement by Ambassador Odd-Inge Kvalheim at the 10th Anniversary for the Ombudsperson of the ISIL/al Qaida Committee, 17 December 2019.

Excellencies, colleagues,

It is my pleasure to add a few words in closing on behalf of the Group of Like-Minded States.

We have certainly had some solid and important discussions here today, looking back at 10 years of the Office of Ombudsperson. Ones highlighting both the challenges, but also the opportunities.possible solutions for enhancing UN targeted sanctions.


As we’ve discussed, the Office of the Ombudsperson has a vital function towards ensuring that procedural human rights guarantees are respected within the UN sanctions regime for ISIL and Al-Qaida.

However, it is clear that for this work to continue, the Office must be given the necessary resources, and support, to carry out its mandate in an independent, effective and timely manner.

I can assure you that for its part the Group of Likeminded states will continue to lend its support, but this must also be backed up by the support of the full Council, and the UN system as a whole. Ensuring that the Ombudsperson can accomplish his mandate in adequate conditions is in the interest of all the stakeholders.



We’ve also heard clearly that: To ensure targeted sanctions are implemented in a way that safeguards international due process standards, fair and clear procedures are essential. 

Not only for the sake of those affected by sanctions, but indeed also for the legitimacy of the Security Council sanctions system itself.

Broad concern has also been expressed about the lack of due process standards for actors targeted under the other UN sanctions regimes. That the Focal Point for de-listing has not provided the necessary safeguards.

Hearing today the successes achieved by the Office of the Ombudsperson, it is certainly the view of The Group of Like-Minded States we see broad agreement that there is a clear need for additional measures to improve due process standards for targeted persons under the other UN sanctions regimes as well. This requires thorough analyses of possible measures that could be implemented and further discussion with and within the Security Council.


Dear colleagues,

To sum up: it is important to use this 10-year mark to both take stock and celebrate the important progress madeeffectiveness of the Office of the Ombudsperson, as well as look ahead to the next 10 years of the Office of Ombudsperson and beyond. To see how we can strengthen this institution, and ensure it is living up to the high standards we had in mind in creating the office ten years ago.

And also to see how the due process standards developed so far could be implemented in other sanctions regimes.

This is a discussion I know we will continue to have in the Group of Like-Minded States and with the Security Council, and one, which I would invite you all to join.


Thank you.