UN Women Executive Board Annual meeting 2018

Statement on behalf of Norway by Ms. Anniken Enersen, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 19 June 2018.

| Trusteeship Council

Norway is a partner and a good friend of UN Women. We would like to congratulate UN Women on its performance during the Strategic Plan period 2014-2017. Well done!

 We are at a cross road this year; in the first year of the new strategic plan, and in the last reporting year for the previous strategic plan. With good friends, we have learnt that one should be honest and offer constructive criticism. We believe future annual reporting will improve if UN Women place more emphasis on explaining its own concrete contributions to the achieved goals. We would also appreciate more analysis and information about the reasons why some of the goals, have not been achieved.

We support the three-folded mandate of UN Women. Norway believes that the normative and coordinating mandates are key to UN Women’s success. Our view is that UN Women should concentrate on normative and catalytic work at country level.

 Norway had the pleasure of participating in UN Women’s executive board field visit to Malawi this spring. As a major donor to UN Women, it was very valuable to learn more about UN Women’s work at country level.

We believe that is not a “one size fits all” solution for presence in the field, and UN Women should adapt its presence to the needs, challenges and circumstances in the specific country. Thus, we look forward to learning more about the ongoing analysis of UN Women’s country office typology.

Norway believes that UN Women need to focus more on its resource situation and mobilisation, especially with regard to core resources. In that regard, we have decided to increase our own core contribution for 2018.

Norway welcomed the adoption of the General Assembly resolution on the repositioning of the United Nations development system. We believe that we have a common responsibility to ensure a speedy implementation.

To Norway, an independent Resident Coordinator with enhanced authority is key. Burden sharing is a central multilateral principle, and we urge all Member States to contribute to the voluntary trust fund for the Resident Coordinator-system and to accept the 1 percent coordination fee being on strictly earmarked funding.

The Executive Director has made clear her zero tolerance on sexual exploitation and abuse, and sexual harassment. The focus must now be on implementation of institutional and cultural changes, and practical follow up, such as easily available reporting mechanisms.

Finally yet importantly, for a long time Norway has underlined the need for bringing more men and boys in to the work on gender equality and the empowerment of women. On that note, I am pleased to announce that our new Norwegian Minister for development, Mr. Astrup is eager to take up the role as a “HeforShe” advocate.

I thank you!