The Secretary-General’s presentation of the implementation plan for the inception of the reinvigorated Resident Coordinator system

Statement by Ambassador Tore Hattrem on The Secretary-General’s presentation of the implementation plan for the Resident Coordinator system, 11 September 2018.

The Implementation Plan for the reinvigorated RC-system is a solid document that gives us confidence in the planned transition process. We have a few remarks:

Financing is key. Without sufficient financial resources, the reform of the Resident Coordinator system is in danger. My question is therefore whether the Secretary-General expects to reach the funding milestone of USD 145 million by the end of this month in order to start the transition process?

Funding of the Resident Coordinator system is a shared responsibility among member states. I am pleased to inform you that Norway will provide USD 4,1 mill. (NOK 35 mill.) to the Voluntary Trust Fund in 2018, and we are committed to provide support also in 2019 (budget process still ongoing).

We see the advantage of pooling the three major funding streams for the Resident Coordinator System into a common Special Purpose Fund in the Secretariat. We trust you will make sure that the Secretariat has the necessary capacity and systems in place to meet the standards offered by the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office in UNDP.
Transparency is crucial for ensuring confidence among member states. We therefore welcome the intention of providing real-time financial reporting online. We would also encourage you to share the Terms of Reference for the Special Purpose Fund with member states.

The transformed Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO) will have a key role in managing the reinvigorated Resident Coordinator system. A prerequisite for the operational independence of DOCO is decision-making authority.  Ensuring the right competencies of the staff is another key factor. We hope to see that experience from country level and from coordination of the UN development system will be central criteria for recruitment.

Thank you.