Funding Compact for the UN Development System

Statement by Deputy Director General for UN Affairs Kåre Stormark at the plenary meeting on the Funding Compact for the UN Development System, 17 December 2018.

Mr. Chair,

Let me first of all thank the Deputy Secretary-General for the update on the Funding Compact and Dialogue, including on the status of the funding of the RC system.

The Funding Compact represents a real opportunity to change the way the UNDS is funded - away from today’s heavy dependence on strictly earmarked contributions. If made right, the Compact should make a real difference in practice.

Norway is therefore happy to note that the process to establish the compact is given more time. The process is moving in the right direction and we should make sure that all aspects are dealt with. We would also in this connection like to commend the Transition Team for the new working draft of 17 December.

For us all it is crucial that the Funding Compact takes on board what the UNDS reform is all about: Better common results at the country level through enhanced collaboration under an empowered Resident Coordinator. The way we fund the system is a key vehicle to make this happen.

Like others we are worried that insufficient funding of the RC-system could have serious consequences for the implementation of the reform.

In this regard, we sincerely hope Member states will agree in the 5th Committee to cover the Secretariat’s share of the funding (17 pct).

Norway would also like to urge all Member States to participate in the voluntary funding of the RC-system, as it is a common responsibility to make it work. We are ready to do our part.

Thank you.