UNFPA: Integrated budget

Statement on behalf of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, by Permanent Representative Tore Hattrem. September 4th 2018.

I am honored to give this statement on behalf of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, and my own country Norway 

Let me start by thanking UNFPAs executive director Natalia Kanem for her statement this morning, and for all the efforts UNFPA has put into revising the integrated budget.

We reaffirm our strong support for UNFPA’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021 and the important fact that it defines Gender Equality both as a specific outcome and as a cross-cutting issues to be mainstreamed/handled throughout the implementation of the strategic plan.

On the revised integrated budget:

We appreciate UNFPA’s continued country focus, and prioritizing those in greatest need.

We applaud UNFPA’s continuing efforts toward becoming an efficient and effective organization, hence also undertaking the CRR.

We look forward to learning more about the results from the change management process, especially:

how the changes will improve UNFPA’s ability to deliver results, in accordance with the Strategic Plan and

enhancing UNFPA’s global and normative role.

We believe that changes made to UNFPA’s organizational structure should be based on analysis and serve to achieve all the goals of the strategic plan most efficiently and effectively.

To ensure that vital functions are financed, we would request UNFPA to include information in their final reporting on financial needs, gaps and projections, as well as alignment of financial resources in relation to budgeting for the strategic plan.

We appreciate the analysis provided on the implications of the UNDS reform. We look forward to further information on the implementation and financial implications of this, including on the effects of the doubling of UNFPA’s share to the RC-system.

Promoting and protecting sexual and reproductive health and rights is a priority for our countries. UNFPA’s work is crucial to the, rights and dignity of women and girls, as well as for young people’s health and it is vital for sustainable development and economic growth. We stand ready to collaborate with UNFPA, the board and governments to ensure that the strategic plan is fully implemented.

I thank you