UNICEF: Private fundraising and partnerships financial report

Statement at Executive Board of the United Nations Children’s Fund Second Regular Session on Private fundraising and partnerships financial report 2016 by Senior Adviser Ms. Marit Lillealtern, 14 September 2017.

| Executive Board

Thank you, Mr. President

Norway supports comments made by my colleague from Switzerland. Let me also offer a brief comment on behalf of my own country, where the National Committee is an active organization contributing with both normative work and fundraising.

This October, the committee, together with the national broadcaster, is hosting a large telethon to fundraise for UNICEFs Education projects in Syria, Mali, Pakistan, Columbia and South Sudan.

This telethon is an annual event in Norway, fundraising for different causes every year One hundred thousand volunteers knock on more than 2 million doors.

Last year more than 230 million Norwegian kroners was raised for the Red Cross, and we are hopeful to reach a high amount also this year.

Funds from private resource mobilization is a large and growing share of UNICEFs revenue. We note with great appreciation that almost half of the private funds raised in 2016 were Regular Resources, the largest sum ever, according to the report UNICEF has presented to us.  These funds give UNICEF much needed flexibility, and we commend UNICEF and all its partners for this.

We have previously in this board meeting welcomed the inclusion of funds from private resource mobilization into the integrated budget, and we would encourage UNICEF to also include the private partners in structured financing dialogues.

Thank you.