UNDP: Structured Funding Dialogue

Statement delivered by Senior Adviser Mr. Per Mogstad on Structured Funding Dialogue at Executive Board of the UNDP, UNFPA, UNOPS Second Regular Session, 6 September 2017.

| Executive Board


We need a UN Development System that is results-oriented, strategic, coordinated and focused on doing “the right things” in “the right place” to support member states in implementing the 2030 Agenda – and sustaining peace.

Funding itself is a driver for change. We believe that core resources remain crucial especially for UNDP to fulfil its normative functions and policy advice. At the same time, we need to aim for more use of “core-like” funding modalities, in particular inter-agency funding mechanism that provide incentives to UN organizations to work together.

The purpose of the Structured Financial Dialogue must be to ensure financing of the goals and priorities of the Strategic Plan through more flexible resources.

We would like to see the future dialogue clarify which functions will be financed through core resources and other ‘neutral’ sources of funding. It is important that such resources are used for UNDP’s normative work at both a global and country level.

With reference to the SG-report on UN reform, the Structured Dialogue on Finance should also include how system-wide results will be financed.

We would appreciate if UNDP in future annual reporting could elaborate on how you have prioritized within the framework of the Strategic Plan.

We commend UNDP for the efforts to raise core and non-core funding, and would encourage UNDP to bring the structured financing dialogue to yet another level by taking an even more proactive role by engaging in strategic dialogues vis a vis individual member states, as well as non-state donors.

We encourage UNDP to continue its efforts to ensure and further enhance transparency with regard to financial resources and how they are spent.

For Norway, the burden sharing is an important multilateral principle, and we would like to encourage member states to increase their contributions to UNDPs core resources, in order to ensure that the organization can deliver on its mandate.

Thank you.