CRPD: National statement

Statement by Norway's State Secretary Kai-Morten Terning at the Conference on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, 13 June 2017.

| Conference on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


Women and men, boys and girls with disabilities shall have opportunities for personal development, participation and self-realisation on an equal basis with others.

The Norwegian Government has taken several steps to improve the opportunities of disabled persons and their organisations to promote their interests. These include legal measures and financial support. Norway also supports disabled persons’ organisations in developing countries.


In the design of health and care services in Norway, the opinions of patients and user representatives are taken into consideration.   The Norwegian Social Service offers services and benefits based on the capabilities and needs of the individual user. This is achieved by active user involvement.

Norwegian law requires that persons with disabilities are consulted in matters of interest at the local level. This applies to physical access and other initiatives to counter discrimination based on disability.

Our ambitions with regard to accessibility for persons with disabilities are high. We plan to make all state-owned buildings universally designed by 2025. Furthermore, all websites for public use shall be universally designed by 2019.

More information on measures taken to implement the CRPD is available in Norway’s report to the CRPD Committee. We strongly encourage all States Parties to submit timely reports to the Committee, and to involve disabled persons’ organisations in the reporting process.


Norway contributes to implementing the CRPD and achieving the SDGs through our foreign and development policy as well. For example, we have worked for increased focus on children with disabilities in the Global Partnership for Education. In line with the Humanitarian Disability Charter, Norway will work to ensure that humanitarian policies also include persons with disabilities.

Every day, plans are made and decisions are taken that affect the way society develops. Inclusion and participation of those concerned is a guarantee for optimal results based on first hand experience. This makes better societies for all of us.

Thank you.