UNOPS: Item nr. 8

Statement given by Ingrid Hordvei Dana from Norway's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the UNOPS excecutive board meeting , 7 September 2016.

| Executive Board

Mr President

Let me start by congratulating UNOPS on its many achievements in 2015. Delivering a record amount of aid, improving effectiveness and making clients happier are all very commendable achievements.

President Norway acknowledges the actions that UNOPS has taken to strengthen the quality of their organization, including «key performance indicators», to achieve these results.

We also commend UNOPS for its openness when it comes to the organization's work, and for making information publicly available in accordance with the IATI requirements.

President Norway appreciates UNOPS' engagement in fragile states and looks forward to further dialogue on the UN Stand-by Team on Mediation, for which UNOPS has now taken over administrative responsibility.

We encourage UNOPS to provide us with further information on how they will follow up UN's common programming principles, such as human rights based approaches and gender equality.

Norway fully agrees with UNOPS that they should base their new strategic plan on their strengths and the results they have achieved. We look forward to a dialogue with the board on what a more focused mandate should be.

We further recommend that future dialogue with the board also include a discussion on how UNOPS' project based organization can deliver best in accordance with the integrated approach that the Agenda 2030 requires. In addition, we would like to know how UNOPS views its role when it comes to UN reform and division of labor.

Finally, we would encourage UNOPS to further develop their scorecard as part of developing their new strategic plan. This will help in choosing the best direction for UNOPS.

Finally let us commend UNOPS for thinking of innovative ways to engage and mobilize the private sector and financial institutions so – together - you can do better and do more. We look forward to learn more about how UNOPS can play a catalytic role.