UNFPA: Evaluation of UNFPAs support for family planning 2008-2013

Joint statement given by Ingrid Hordvei Dana from Norway's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of Sweden, the UK and Finland, at the Executive Board of the UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS, 6 September 2016.

| Executive Board

Mr President

First of all, let me start by recognising UNFPA's evaluation office for having carried out a very comprehensive evaluation. At the same time, let me also compliment UNFPA's management on a very comprehensive response.

We welcome the findings and commend the UNFPA for the many recognitions they receive in this report. We would like to draw special emphasis on the recognition of UNFPA as the global leader in family planning.

President We welcome and endorse the Evaluation report of UNFPA's support for family planning in the time period 2008-2013.

It does document that the UNFPA has taken the lead in the area of accelerating the goal of universal access to sexual and reproductive health during 2008 – 2013, with access to contraceptives and family planning being fundamental to this aim. The importance of UNFPA Supplies is well documented in the report. Effective delivery by UNFPA Supplies will be fundamental in reaching our collective ambitions on universal access to family planning.

We welcome the recommendations provided in the report, to ensure that UNFPA places family planning firmly within a sexual and reproductive health and rights context.

President Norway believes that the timing of this report is very valuable in guiding the new Strategic Plan, as well as operationalising its contributions to the Global strategy on girl's, women's and adolescent's health in the Agenda 2030.

President Important strategic decisions will have to be made. In doing so the UNFPA should ensure they continue to carry out their activities in such a way that national ownership and sustainability remains strong and is enhanced. We welcome the reforms UNFPA has started to implement and look forward to their full implementation in order to ensure commodities are reaching the end user in the most effective and efficient way. .

UNFPA will want to continue to carry out their operations in accordance to country contexts and, make sure that they learn from their experience and become more evidence based.

President (UNFPA co-sponsoring the research programme, the Human Reproduction Programme (HRP) hosted by the WHO, also brings them into a good position. We believe that stronger collaboration could bring out useful evidence and documentation about UNFPAs work.)

President, Let us also acknowledge UNFPA for its important and swift involvement in the design and planning phase of the Global Finance Facility in support of Every Woman Every Child, and look forward to UNFPA's involvement at country level.

President Before we end, let us recognize that UNFPA also is a key global partner in promoting family planning and access to contraceptives in crisis and conflict.

President Finally, we thank UNFPA for the evaluation that can be instrumental in unlocking greater potential for UNFPA to fulfill its mandate and raise awareness about FP, to reach out to countries with needs and to spend resources even more effectively under national guidance, and in close cooperation with other relevant stakeholders.

Thank you.