UN Women: Executive Board

Statement on Annual Report of the Executive Director by Mr. Geir O. Pedersen at the Annual Session 2016, 27 June 2016.

| Executive Board


UN Women has shown a remarkable ability to be present where it matters: (i) Facilitating women’s participation and influence in the Syria peace talks; (ii) Supporting women successfully mediating and preventing local conflicts in Burundi; (iii) Making sure that the gender perspective is on the agenda at the World Humanitarian Summit; (iv) Assisting Member States in addressing violence against women and girls; and (v) Enabling governments to adopt gender-responsive laws and policies.

As we all know, these are but a few examples.


UN Women has established itself as a key player in only a few years. UN Women’s triple mandate is key to the fulfillment of the sustainable development goals, key to our efforts to prevent conflict, key to address the global challenges we are facing.

Women’s rights and gender equality are about human dignity and rights, but they are also about sustainable development, a thriving environment and lasting peace.

We commend UN Women on the many good results, as reflected in the midterm review and annual report, and for being on track with the implementation of the strategic plan.

It would have been even easier to track UN Women’s results if the reporting spelt out more clearly UN Women’s contributions and linked those to the results reported. This would also have made it easier to assess the cost-effectiveness of UN Women’s work.


We have a lot to learn from the review that has been undertaken. It is important that the findings from the midterm review be reflected in the development of the new strategic plan. We look forward to being presented with a road map for the development of the new plan.

We commend UN Women on the implementation of the QCPR and for the good reporting on relevant indicators. We had anticipated a joint independent review on cost recovery, however, and would like UN Women to comment on its follow-up on decisions on cost recovery and the delay of this review.


We commend UN Women for increased resource mobilization, and call for more core and flexible funding for the implementation of the strategic plan. Yet as of now, a funding gap remains.

The demand for UN Women’s services is increasing, and UN Women appears to be flexible, willing and able to respond to new needs that arise. This is very good news.

It is also a reminder that efforts must be focused, and it illustrates why the coordination part of UN Women’s mandate is essential.

Coordination is certainly important as the flagship initiatives are rolled out. We welcome the flagships and their successful launch. We believe that new pipeline flagships should be considered later, when the new strategic plan is being developed. If new flagships are to be considered at that time, further clarification on UN Women’s cooperation with other UN organizations mandated to work within the respective sectors would be welcome.


We strongly appreciate our cooperation with UN Women. Norway has been a faithful partner and major contributor to UN Women from the start. We remain committed to women’s rights and gender equality and welcome UN Women’s leadership.

Thank you.