GA: National Statement - COSP17

Statement delivered by State Secretary Even Aleksander Hagen in the General Debate of the 17th Session of the Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


As we gather here, we stand united in our commitment to ensuring that no one is left behind, particularly in times of crisis.

Norway remains deeply committed to the human rights-based understanding of disability.

We need to remove societal barriers and promote inclusion and equality.

Implementation of CRPD is crucial
Norway is committed to implementing the CRPD on different levels of government and in all sectors of society. We have just concluded a broad public hearing on incorporation of the convention into national law.


This year's themes are critical to advancing the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. The importance of strengthening equality must be underlined and should be mainstreamed throughout all UN documents, including all chapters of the Pact for the Future.

Inclusivity Matters!
Technology can be a powerful tool for inclusion and equal participation, but its benefits must be accessible to all. International cooperation is essential to ensure that innovations are adapted to meet diverse needs, fostering an inclusive future where persons with disabilities can thrive.

All societies need all its resources.
Everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Persons with disabilities continue to experience higher rates of unemployment. Ensuring access to meaningful employment and robust social welfare systems is fundamental to the dignity and economic independence of persons with disabilities.

We have to secure the most vulnerable
Persons with disabilities continue to face disproportionate impacts during conflicts, emergencies and disasters. We know that existing inequalities and social barriers heighten their vulnerability. Our new humanitarian strategy, launched in May this year, prioritises the inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian responses.  It is key that we ensure active participation from persons with disabilities in the planning and implementation of humanitarian responses.


The Norwegian Government continues its efforts to secure equal enjoyment of human rights for all citizens, in line with the CRPD. We continue to be deeply concerned with the situation of persons with disabilities caught in ongoing conflicts.

Let's commit to inclusive humanitarian efforts that leave no one behind.

Thank You.