GA: Use of the veto: Special report of the Security Council (A/78/691)

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Merete Fjeld Brattested - Debate pursuant to resolution 76/262


Norway co-sponsored the landmark “veto-initiative” resolution 76/262.  

The adoption of this resolution was important. And a significant step in making the Council more transparent and accountable.
It is our opinion that all vetoes deserve to be held to account, including those cast on proposed amendments. We therefore appreciate the opportunity to meet today.  


The adoption of the Security Council resolution on aid to Gaza on 22 December, was an important call for safe and unhindered, humanitarian access to Gaza.   

For this to succeed an immediate, humanitarian ceasefire is urgently needed. We therefore regret the use of the veto on the proposed amendment to this resolution.   

As pointed out by the Secretary-General, the international community has a responsibility to use all its influence to prevent further escalation and end the crisis in Gaza. The impending risk of collapse of the humanitarian system entails potentially irreversible implications for peace and security in the entire region, and places the civilian population, especially children, in desperate conditions. 

Norway would therefore reiterate our call for a durable and sustained humanitarian ceasefire. The suffering in Gaza must stop. Hostages must be released.  


I would like to end by thanking the Presidency and members of the Security Council for sending the General Assembly the Special Report, submitted pursuant to resolution 76/262.   

Further to this, we encourage the president of the General Assembly to send a summary from today’s debate back to the Security Council. 

Thank you.