GA: Ministerial Meeting for The Summit of The Future

Statement by Minister of Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt at the Ministerial Meeting for The Summit of the Future


Norway shares the ambitious vision you have set out to strengthening multilateral cooperation.

We are committed to pursuing Our Common Agenda, and your proposals, Secretary-General, with colleagues and partners across the globe.

We must all pull in the same direction to deliver on our promise: to accelerate implementation of the 2030-agenda, towards a common future, a better future.




In Our Common Agenda has identified critical gaps that need our attention:

* We must achieve peace and security; through better addressing, and indeed preventing global challenges, realising the human rights of all, and achieving gender equality.

* On climate and the environment, we are not on track to meet the targets we set in Paris eight years ago. We must step up ambitions and take urgent action toward a pathway keeping global warming below 1,5 degrees Celsius.

* On global finance - Norway supports the necessary reforms in the international financial system;

* We must also work together towards a just global digital transformation, and a Global Digital Compact;



We view upcoming discussions on The New Agenda for Peace as an opportunity to strengthen multilateral peacebuilding efforts. We fully endorse a focus on conflict prevention, and a holistic, gender-transformative, approach to peacebuilding.

Likewise, we advocate for a more transparent, efficient, and representative Security Council and strengthening of the whole UN system to help us achieve these aims.

At the Summit of the Future, only one year from now, we must agree on what we need to do today. We must aim for an ambitious 'Pact for the Future'- disagreements and fractures are simply not an option.

Norway remains ready to listen and work with all to realize the ambitious goals of the Secretary-General towards the safe, peaceful and prosperous future we all want.

Thank you.